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23 May 2003 Seagate Toastmasters Club 1302 Minutes

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Monty Forehand, Wuzi Gao, David Hitch, Brad McCarty, Debi McHone, Steve Rogers, and David Starchman attended the meeting on Friday, May 23, 2003.

Meeting was called to order at 12:07p by Steve Rogers.

Officers' Report

Treasure, David Hitch, received new member manual, advance manuals and ballots.

Secretary, Debi McHone, Club Officer Training required for all Club Officers and recommended for all Members; Saturday, June 28, 9a - 12p, Rose State College - Tom Steed Building, Interstate 40 - Hudiburg Exit.

New Business

Reconsider meeting time/date

Old Business

Mike Danielson, will send out the proposed email voting procedure for the members to review. At our May 23 meeting, there will be a motion to accept the procedure.

Educational Session

Monty Forehand was Wordmaster and the Word of the Day was piety. Piety or a variation was used four times during the meeting.

David Hitch was Ah counter; 15 Ahs were counted.

David Starchman was Timer; three of three Table Topics speakers and the evaluator were within the time allowed (1-2 minutes +/- 15 seconds).

David Hitch was Grammarian, no grammatical errors were recorded.

Debi McHone was our first/only speaker and she presented speech 4, Show What You Mean, from the Communication and Leadership Program Manual. The subject was Heart Disease Isn't Just A Man's Disease. Debi's speech was 6.20 minutes, which was within the allowed time (5-7 minutes +/- 30 seconds). David Hitch was the evaluator for this speech.

Best Table Topics went to David Starchman

Best Speaker went to Debi McHone

Best Evaluator went to David Starchman

The meeting was adjourned by Steve Rogers at 12:45p

Next meeting will be at Seagate in conference room OKM207.


Members, please review the May schedule that Steve Rogers has prepared. If you are unable to fulfill your assignment, please find a replacement and let Steve know as soon as possible so he can update the schedule and have the correct information for the agenda.

Actions Carried Over

Members, think about having a prepared speech ready to fill in for a scheduled speaker that is unavailable.

Mary Ruggles, offered to bring a Toastmaster poster to share with the group. Mary, please let Steve Rogers know the date so that he can put you on the agenda.

LaDonna Wilson will find a contact at Autocraft so that those interested may participate in Seagate's Toastmasters Club. Still working.


When scheduled to be a prepared speaker, please send a bio and your talk information to the Toastmaster and bring your book to the meeting for the evaluator.